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 Lump on leg!

Hi all!
I am a month into owning my BD; I am scared may be pre MBD, has eye sensitivity due to coil UVB, or and/or injured.

His is always very lethargic and eyes closed a lot.
He has: astro turf substrate, put veggies out daily, temp gauge, thermostat in mail, eats dusted crickets and poops very well, loves cuddles.. cos he sleeps all the time :P
I am concerned that the lighting provided is incorrect, UVB was seperate to his heat for the past 3 weeks (they are now together) I have a UVB coil which Petshop assured me it is fine (although online research says otherwise). Gets excited for crickets then falls back asleep. It is winter in Australia, Brumation?

Also, heartbreakingly, a stick fell on him yesterday morning and his rear right leg has a lump and a bit swollen :( his toe was twitching a little yesterday but not today. I have heard shedding will also make swollen and that beardies are strong creatures so am hoping he may fix himself.. Do I take him to a reptile vet?

Comments on Pre MDB, lighting, and his injury? Worried mother!

Please help with any recommendations, any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance
Photos: Hard lump on leg, enclosure, dark under eyes, super dark colouring after going in sun, glamour shot, how he sleeps :P

08/15/17  03:03am

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