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 Mesh for Bearded Dragon Cage?

I have a question for any one out there who might have the answer. I have a four year old male bearded dragon named Oliver in a fifty gallon glass tank, with all the necessities (lighting, food dish, water bowl, felt substrate, two hides, hammock and a fake plant). I’ve had him for a while in this tank (three years), but for the past several months he’s been very agitated i.e puffing up a lot, glass surfing whenever he has the energy, head bobbing etc. I read up on these symptoms, and he’s perfectly healthy otherwise, and it seemed these stresses are most likely caused by the lack of space. So, I decided to build him a new cage out of wood that’s much bigger and also dose not reflect his image to stress him out. I have everything planned and working, my only question is this: I have noticed that glass is very expensive where I live, and so I’m planning on using mesh for the front doors of the cage, so that I save money, have a good ventilation system, and also save Oliver the stress of seeing himself in the glass. Please note also that only the front of the rectangular cage will be mesh. So, I’m wondering if this will mess with the humidity in the cage, or if it’s common for bearded dragons to hurt themselves on mesh. I see no problems, but if any one has any experience with mesh or any advice I’d be more than happy to here it. Also note that I will be keeping this cage inside, it will measure four feet by two feet by two feet and have an Exo Terra Solar Glo 125 watt light bulb on one side, as well as the hides and substrate and all that. Also, I am new to this forum so pardon my inexperience.

05/24/17  02:18pm

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