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 Please Help: Possible fatty liver disease - Prescribed Antibiotics?

Hello everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster. Sorry for the long post. Please bear with me.

My 1 year old female (from what the vet can tell) bearded dragon Lizzy recently started behaving oddly. She did not want to be in her tank anymore, always glass surfing and bumping her noes on the glass to get out and stopped eating about 7 days ago.

She is my only dragon and has never been around males. I did some research and realized she could be gravid with infertile eggs. So upon reading here I put together and dig box, but yet she never dug and always just wanted out of the box. After a few days I became worried that she was egg bound so I took her to the vet.

Vet took x-rays and much to our surprise, no eggs! So he said he needed to do some blood work (reptilian panel 136) to figure out what might be going on. When he called with the results he said certain things were elevated in her liver (wish I could remember all he said) and that it is possibly Fatty Liver Disease.

She is about 1 year old and weighs .56kg and is about 23" long. I primarily was feeding Dubia, then thought I’d try superworms awhile back. Bad move. She ended up refusing dubia after she had supers but when I realized the fat content of supers I cut back on them. The most supers she has ever had in a day is 3, so I am unsure if that is enough to cause FLD. She was eating a little salad everyday, mainly mustard greens or collard greens and other beardie approved fruits and vegetables, but never as much as I would have liked.

He gave me a prescription for Lactulose and also an Antibiotic (Enrofloxacin) and I am to dissolve a quarter pill in water and give it to her once every 12 hours. The antibiotic was for in his words "in case there is any infection" ... He also gave me "Critial Care" herbivore version because he said her protein levels were high.

From reading many of your posts on this board I am really concerned about the antibiotic. Many people seem to claim that antibiotics caused the FLD in their dragons and since the issue is with appetite and antibiotics can also have a negative impact on appetite I am not sure I should be giving them to her. I have already given 2 doses but I am unsure if I should continue?

Thanks for reading and any and all help/advice would be MUCH appreciated!


40 Gallon Breeder
Slate tile substrate
160w MegaRay UVB - 20" above highest basking spot - replaced yesterday even though old one was only 9 months old. I just wanted to be on the safe side with everything that is going on.
Temps: 102 degrees basking spot - 85 degrees cool side

Please let me know if I missed any relevant details.


04/22/17  11:46am

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