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 Is my beardie okay?

i have a beardie who looks to be about nearly 2 years old?? i’ve only had him for a couple of weeks and honestly, he’s not what i expected. but that’s not the issue. today when i came home from being out for only about 30 mins i caught masha hiding underneath his reptile carpet which is weird because if he wants to be left alone he’d go to his usual hide away and i’d leave him be. however it’s worrying me because he hasn’t come out and i daren’t disturb him (i’ve done it before and that wasn’t the best thing to do). he’s been under there for a few hours now..
there isn’t anything physically wrong with him, his poop and urate is how it should be and his temps are right for him. could he be going into brumation? or do i need to take him to the vet to get him examined?
he was perfectly fine all day until about 3pm and it’s probably just me being paranoid but i’m really worried..

04/18/17  12:25pm

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