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 Dead bearded dragon hatchling - what went wrong?

So I have a sad story and I’m looking for answers. My very first hatchling ever hatched on March 15th. They still had a yolk sac and so I kept them in the incubator on damp paper towel, which seems to be what everyone recommended for this kind of scenario. On the 16th, the yolk sac has shrunk and it looked like it would be absorbed soon. The hatchling was lethargic and slept often, but many people online said this was normal for one with a yolk sac still attached. So I let them be and decided they should be kept them in the incubator until the yolk sac was gone. This morning (the 18th) I found the hatchling dead with what looks like blood staining the paper towel it eas on and coming from the corner of the baby’s mouth. I’m just wondering what went wrong. My best guess is that maybe the humidity in the incubator was too high for the little guy and they developed a respiratory infection? Should I have just moved them to their enclosure sooner? Was it stupid to leave them in the incubator for a few days like I had? I feel terrible, the little guy was very special to me, being my first hatchling. Any answers would be appreciated, I would like to know what happened.

03/18/17  01:25pm

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