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 Baby beardie appetite

Hi all I just acquired a bearded dragon somewhat randomly, I have experience with Leo’s and bias but have never really cared for one of these. Thermometer in the middle towards cool end (poor placement in my part) reads 80F and humidity is around 20% in a ten gallon tank. I have a uva/uvb light and a heat lamp and a night heat lamp to keep it around 70F.

Anyway I’ve had it for three days it defecates a small amount about once a day, I read to offer them insects three times in a day along with vegetation (I’m using spinach) in a bowl. Yesterday it ate three crickets and a bite of spinach and since then hasn’t really eaten anything. I know they are tiny and have small stomachs so I imagine it may still be full since it isn’t showing signs of impaction.

I dust the insects with D3.

The animal overall is alert and mobile no obvious external abnormalities to my eyes. My question is is this abnormal eating or is it stress, satiety. thanks in advance

03/15/17  05:14pm

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