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 How long does it take to start eating after brumation

I’ve had a few bearded dragons but none of them brumated until my current beardie so I don’t have any experience here.

He stopped brumating this week and he is super active. It’s been a few days like this and I figured he’d be starving and ready to eat anything in sight. But he won’t touch his greens or crickets or worms. Does it usually take a while before they start eating?

While brumating he lost about 25 grams and presently weighs 535 grams. He is 21 months old. Please don’t ask a million questions about his enclosure and lighting and stuff. It’s all good. I’m just wondering if it’s normal for it to take a while for them to get their appetite back, if this is not normal we can trouble shoot. For the record, after his juvenile growth spurt he wasn’t a big eater in general.

02/14/17  10:26am

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