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 A tragic story

I have had my bearded dragon Rex for around 5 years and Had him since he was a baby. He was sweet and kind and always lazy but we knew he was fine because the vet said so but at some point later on he got tail rot and we had it amputated and he recovered and ended up fine,but yesterday something happened I had him and Stella are female of 3 years old was with him and they where sharing banana like normal it was mushed up and broken apart so they did not choke and half a banana for 2 lizards is fine since stella is a MAJOR pig. I took them and wiped their mouths and then layed in bed with them they have a blanket they cuddle in as I read and I read a book and then fell asleep. I woke up at around 1 o clock in the morning and I felt for the lizards they where both there but rex was cold and was drooling I picked him up and went to close his mouth because he does that sometimes and it didn’t close so I turn on the light and he was ragdolled and had a piece of banana in his mouth and all over the blanket. He threw it up and then choked to death on it. I had loved rex so much I checked if he was alive even in the slightest but he had gotten white around his face and his tail and his beard was all black and he was as frozen as ice. I buried him in the backyard in a shoe box and I cannot get over it I miss him so much and I keep thinking and crying about what I could have done and if I woke up sooner I could have helped him. I miss Rex

01/19/17  06:47pm


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  Message To: ImissRex   In reference to Message Id: 2320147

 A tragic story

Omg... you have my condolences. It’s always hard loosing a beloved pet, I feel for you. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pray for you, Stella, and your departed friend Rex. I hope you’ll be able to find joy in this depressing time. I wish you the best.

01/22/17  08:59am

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