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 New Beardie Owner doing everything I can!! Please help!

My Beardie, Zillow is such a sweetie. I’ve really enjoyed having her over the last 6 months or so. As of about 3 months ago though, I’ve noticed a change in her activity, the brightness of her color (now more often than not) is much darker and she usually always eats but sometimes just watches the crickets jump around after I dump them into her tank. Her terrarium is at least 55gallons and she seems to want to chill out on the rock that’s on her cool side instead of basking under her light.
I can’t really switch the light from side to side because of the custom made lid that’s on it. I don’t know what to do...I just want her to be happy and for me to feel like a good lizard mom again. Any advice is greeeaaatly appreciated!! TIA

01/13/17  11:17am


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  Message To: NicoleG   In reference to Message Id: 2320094

 New Beardie Owner doing everything I can!! Please help!

They are able to learn and know what they need when it comes to heat and light... she’s probably not hungry. Sometimes they go through phases for weeks and even months at a time without eating... I remember when I first got mine he stopped eating for like 3 months and I for sure thought he was dying.. but no... 5 years later and he’s fat and healthy and loving life. Have you tried super worms or silk worms? Sometimes crickets are hard to catch. My fat boy won’t chase crickets anymore because he’s lazy and I’ve spoiled him his whole life so he eats worms from my hand hahaha and I actually had to stream spray water onto his tongue for him to drink water.... he barely learned how to drink water a few weeks ago hahaha and I’ve had him for 6 years!!!! Make sure you dust every insect you give him with calcium though!

01/17/17  10:41pm


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  Message To: Bananabrains18   In reference to Message Id: 2320129

 New Beardie Owner doing everything I can!! Please help!

He might also be due to shed his skin. They get very uppity and can go off their food when they shed. My 2 are shedding at the moment and Adleheide can be right finiky. Also like shade and heat so they don’t get to hot.

07/28/17  12:03pm

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