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Craniac8810   Katness  

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 Lost baby beardie

I was watching tv and i put my my baby bearded dragon named ash that is about 8-months old, on the arm of the couch. About two minutes later i looked at were i had put him. He had vanished. He is so small and im so worried that he will freeze or starve to death. If anyone has any advice on were to look to find him and how to lure him out of his hiding place, please tell me, i need all the help i can get.

01/03/17  03:11pm


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  Message To: Craniac8810   In reference to Message Id: 2320049

 Lost baby beardie

have you found ash yet? i hope you did
i found mine but i know how you must feel you should have seen me when i lost my alex i would not stop crying.what i know about losing a pet is to always have faith he or she will come to you in time .just keep your eyes open .he will come.

03/12/17  06:55pm

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