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 URGENT HELP! My baby dying!

Hello! I recently bought my Beadie Eli a month and 2 weeks ago. He has not gained any weight, and also has shed once since I’ve had him. I purchased him from Petco. At first he was in a 10 gallon tank, and I have 2 lights for him. He has a repti basking spot lamp, 90 watts, and an intense basking spot lamp, 75 watts. It is always 105 during the day, and around 70 during night. At first, Eli chased crickets around all day. He never was interested in worms. He sometimes eats veggies, but I know they aren’t really interested in them at first. I also have recently purchased a fish tank with a loud filter, which could add to his stress. 2 weeks ago, I moved him to a 20 gallon with the same lights. It remains 105 in the tank as well. He has two hides, but never uses them. He frequently closes his eyes, and just lays around all day. For the past 6 days he hasn’t gone near his food. He will not chase the crickets, but I practically forced him to eat one two days ago. He sees the crickets, but doesn’t chase them. The crickets are the small ones, too. I have other dragon food like pellets in the tank, but he doesn’t give them the time of day. Today I got baby food and syringed some in his mouth, and he actually enjoyed it, so at least he has some food in his tummy. I gave him a warm bath two days ago, and will give him one tomorrow as well. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow to check for parasites, and for him to have a check up. Is there something I can do? Any advice? Am I doing something completely wrong? He is my first beardie, but I already love him like he’s my child. I won’t let anything happen to him!

12/05/16  03:20pm


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  Message To: Livinlikelyds   In reference to Message Id: 2319850

 URGENT HELP! My baby dying!

He or she is not dying... do you have both uvb and uva lighting? Are you dusting the crickets with calcium? And sometimes they go through phases were they don’t eat... do you have a spray bottle? If so you should mist him every once in a while as he is basking... also switching tanks and all this new lifestyle could be stressing him out... just leave him alone for a few days and let him adapt to everything. He’ll be fine!

01/17/17  11:07pm

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