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I just got a six week old beardie on Saturday, November 19. I tried to feed him some crickets, baby superworms, and a little salad that consists of collards and carrots(chopped very finely). He ate about two or three crickets and maybe four superworms, and very little of his salad. I knew he should eat way more than this but hence it was the first day I thought maybe they had already fed him that day, so I didn’t worry too much. The next day I tried again and he may have eaten one cricket, but now nothing else. This continued into two more days. It was Tuesday now, and I was having to force feed him crickets and superworms(babys of course), that day I left because we went to a movie, when we got back I went upstairs to check on him, he was lying near the front glass/window of his tank and he had pooed about three times. They were quite large poos and I could tell they weren’t normal, they had nothing but pieces of cricket and superworm. I now fix him a purée that consists of collards, crickets dried mealies, and superworms. I know it may be the stress of moving to a new home, I don’t think that that would last this long! It is Friday now and he still won’t eat. I have been trying to force feed a variety of whole, live crickets and his purée. I also try to always have a salad and some superworms in dishes in his tank just incase. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong and what I can do to fix it?

11/25/16  09:00am


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measure the temps accurately with a laser temp gun ...increase the temps to 105-110 F at the basking spot. Do not rely in the round gauges fro accurate measurements

Go to amazon and type in laser temp gun...see the units listed for 12-17.00 they work great get one
in the meantime increase the wattage of the basking lamp or add one more and be prepared to move it until the food is digested completely with each bowel movement

11/29/16  03:54pm

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