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 My beardie’s stripes

I’ve had my bearded dragon for four months now. He is about 7 months old. He has been quite healthy and is very spoiled. He would prefer to be out of his cage all the time. In the last week with the temperatures dropping, he has been staying under his rock all the time although his body has kept its beautiful orange coloring, black stripe free while hiding. Today I went and got a better basking bulb to make sure the temps were higher because he definitely seemed to be hiding to stay warm. Now he is staying on his rock and basking, but his black stripes are very bright like they were when he was much younger. We are watching the temps and they are in normal range. Why would he look less stressed when he’s cold and now that he has the proper heat and is basking with his mouth open, he is getting his stress lines?

10/10/16  10:05pm

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