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 Beardie eye problems. Help!

I’m a newb and feel horrible at what I’ve finally realized. My beardie is about 3-4 months old. I purchsed him about 3 weeks ago from a big box store. He’s never really opened his left eye all that wide and I didn’t think anything about until this morning when I realized his right eye was wide open and he keeps moving his head to use that eye. As I recall my interactions with him, I can’t recall his left eye ever being open, confusing his markings for a thin eyelid maybe.

He eats fine - 35-40 crickets a day, dusted 3 or 4 times a week. He’s growing well, almost doubling his weight in the last week. Poops regularly and normally. Warm side of the tank about 105 degrees F and cool side about 88 degrees F. Using paper towels as substrate and coil bulb as UVB source (don’t know the manufacturer at the moment - that info is at home). Because he’s so small, I don’t know if his eye is swollen or not. No sign of discharge.

Based on other forums and posts I’ve read, I’m going to try saline drops or turtle drops 2x/day. Does this sound like a good first step or should I go straight to a vet. Also, should I change the light?

Tried to upload a pic but my school has blocked it. Will try later.

09/23/16  09:42am


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  Message To: Gutmajohar   In reference to Message Id: 2319523

 Beardie eye problems. Help!

When I first got my beardie, he kept one eye closed for about a week. Then after that week, that eye opened and his other eye closed for a few days. Then they both seemed to be fine. I know where I bought mine, I had several weeks to have him looked at by the store’s vet. I don’t think the saline drops can hurt. Hope it opens soon.

10/10/16  10:09pm

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