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Kliimzy   Ginimals Rescue  

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I got my bearded dragon from petsmart when he was only a couple months. (I’m assuming he’s male) I had two in the same cage, which is fairly large but sadly the other one didn’t make it. But ever since that day, Sandstorm has been nothing but aggressive towards me. Jumping of his tree to attack my finger through the glass. I have such a hard time feeding him. And I’m not a noobie to this. I have had dragons in the past and none of them acted like this. So I am looking for a rescue to take him because I can’t have my kids around him and I’m tired of the aggressive attitude.

08/06/16  07:52am


Ginimals Rescue
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I am not an expert but I spent a good year or two researching beardies before I got my own, so I am using my own experience and lots of research to help you.
Try this: offer some really yummy foods that Sandstorm likes, my beardie loves bananas and waxworms, offer this to him using tweezers that are long. Continue doing this about once a day, ( no more bc bananas can get addicting and you don’t want to effect his health ). If you’re showing any fear or flinching when he moves it may be the cause. He could be trying to "rule" over you, I suggest taking an old shirt or cloth that has your smell on it and place it in a spot he spends time in. Also don’t show any fear any time you are near the cage or feeding him( the treats I suggested earlier) keep firm eye contact, I hope I helped, P.S. I need to change my name tag bc I changed my rescue’s name, Herpetologist’s Rescue.

11/25/16  09:23am

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