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I have a 3 year old, female bearded dragon! she has baths every week and she really loves them. however, today, i took her out of the bath as i usually would and she started frantically running around the bathroom. she has now gone extremely limp, she is pale and her beard is black. i have put her back into her viv and every so often, she keeps gasping/gulping for air and spitting out water???? does anyone know what’s happened and what to do!!!!!! she was perfectly fine before the bath! ITS A SUNDAY,THE EMERGENCY VETS DO NOT ACCEPT REPTILES, IT’S ONLY 5:30 AND THE VETS DON’T OPEN UNTIL 9

07/17/16  09:50am


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Beardies cannot get water in their nostrils at all!!!! That’s how they breathe! She might have almost drowned and it stressed her out explaining her frantic attitude after bath and I’m not sure about coughing up the water... I hope she’s ok :( poor thing. Don’t fill the bath as high as last time. Make sure she can keep her head above water. You’re very lucky she didn’t drown.. those nostrils are very sensitive to water.

01/17/17  10:47pm

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