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Nikki9898   Ceegieboom  

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My juvenile bearded dragon has a foot turning yellow. When he was younger the pet store that sold him to us mentioned a tank mate had bit his toe off. Anyway, I know yellow skin color and dry scales in the area are indications of yellow fungus, from what I see there are no black spots or other yellow spots, it’s just the bottom of his foot that is yellow. To me the dry areas look like it does when he is shedding... He’s around 6 or 7 months, it’s a male and he is eating am drinking normal as usual and active like he’s always been.

07/16/16  05:28pm


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Hey so I’m new to this also but I honestly suggest that you take your beardy to the vet. Please don’t wait till its too late! Don’t self diagnose. You can never know if it is a bacteria or a fungus as they have a lot of the same signs and symptoms. Just go to the vet.

03/22/17  05:04pm

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