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 Bearded Dragon Temp questions and tank questions

I have a 40 gallon breeder tank right now for my small 7 /12 long bearded dragon, with his basking tree at one side and his hide about the middle of the enclosure and his food dish and water dish all on the other side, on the basking side I have the zoomed thermometer, 10.0 UV Bulb, 100w UVB bulb and a double dome lighting unit, all are which zoomed products, is the cage I have big enough for him to grow the full length a beardie usually grows? or do I need to get a much larger tank? Because I’d like him to grow his full size if he can but if he needs a bigger tank can someone please let me know? I’m also feeding him collard greens (uncooked) with sweet peppers (also uncooked) and in a smaller feeding dish freeze dried crickets/grasshoppers/mealworms, I’m listing all of this now so I don’t have to later, thank you once again!!

07/04/16  12:42am

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