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I recently purchased two bearded dragons from Petco. Both are eating very well. Archer is 7 inches long and Spike is 8 inches long. I’m not positive but think they both might be males. Archer is the aggressive one. Every time Spike leaves the logs Archer will head bob aggressively, chase Spike around the enclosure and try to bite him. When they are perched on the logs everything is fine. If this behavior keeps up do you think I should separate them ? I know it is normal for one to be dominant but when does the behavior cross the line.

06/13/16  08:39am


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I know I’m new with dragons, but NEVER put 2 males or a male and female in the same enclosure because it possibly won’t end well, especially if your dragon is chasing the other one already, you can however house females together, once again I know I don’t know much but I definitely know you can’t put those together, hope I helped!!

07/04/16  12:45am

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