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 Broken jaw, emaciated bearded dragon

Hi everyone,
Someone that used to work for me just brought me bearded dragon male (adult). It has a broken jaw and is severely under weight and under cooled. Ribs and spine very visible. He rescued it from their school (specializing in flora and fauna education). Apparently he lived in a tank with another male and three females. The tank was only 3 feet by 1.5 feet. They wanted to break his neck because he’s to much trouble to take care of. My former worker asked if he could take him and he brought him straight to me. I’ve hydrated him by putting him in a warm water bath. I have him under a heat lamp and put some greens and wax worms in his feed bowl. Not sure though if he can eat. I have no information as to how long his jaw has been broken or how long he hasn’t eaten. Of course I called my vet and I have an appointment later on tonight with him to evaluate the beardie. But is there anything else I can do for him now? Any help appreciated.

05/24/16  07:16am


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 Broken jaw, emaciated bearded dragon

On top of the general supportive care you are providing you can give him an electrolyte solution like Pedialyte or Ringer’s Lactated Solution. I made my own Ringer’s solution (380 parts water, 11 parts sugar, 1 part salt, and 1 part baking soda) for my snake when it couldn’t eat (it had mouth rot), and that helped keep its strength up. They also say you can mix meat baby food with water or Pedialyte to make a higher-energy drink.
Try feeding cooked meat first, as it is easily digestible. Feeding hard-to-digest, cellulose-rich foods could potentially make an extremely emaciated lizard die because it simply cannot digest the food in time. As it regains strength, you can swich it over to a normal diet by first providing some soft cooked vegetables and meats (this makes them easier to digest) and then gradually replacing the cooked food for some raw, crushed food and finally to a normal diet.
Hope this helps!

05/24/16  09:33am

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