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 New Dragon- Heating Questions?

We got a new beardie this weekend, and a new type of enclosure for us as well. It’s 36"x18"x24", large screen section on top, viewing window in front, made of the same wood type stuff you get at ikea (I don’t know the word for it, sorry). She’s 9 months old, so I was expecting her to need basking around 100F with cool end ambient around 80F. Her tank came with a fixture that holds a new T5H0 10.0 light (it’s either zoomed or exoterra) and a gu10 halogen bulb. The halogen we were given was a 20w that didn’t heat the tank at all. I tested the uv around the tank and that’s working fine but doesn’t put off a lot of light, so we stuck a standard 60w CFL in a spare small terrarium hood for ambient light.

We replaced the 20w halogen with a 50w, and here’s where I have some concerns. First, the heat gradient it creates isn’t so much a gradient as it is 90F at one spot and 75 two inches over. Second, the hottest part of the basking spot (measured with a temp gun) is 130F(!). She seems to like basking in this really hot spot, and I know she’s capable of moving if she’s too hot since it’s all overhead heating/light, but I’m concerned that she’s only there because the gradient drops into the mid 70s so quickly so there isn’t really a middle ground for her to bask in. I don’t think I want to stick with th halogen basking light at all, but I don’t know much about the heat retention of enclosures like this, so I’m not sure what the best replacement would be. Normally, with a glass tank with screen top I would use a dual deep dome fixture with a basking bulb and infrared heat lamp on the hot side and a regular light bulb at the other end, but don’t know how that will work here. I’ll be getting a new setup this weekend at the latest and would appreciate any advise. Images below:

Tank from outside

Light setup from above

The 130F hot spot she likes to spend time under

Basking with her head directly under the hottest spot

03/23/16  11:18am


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  Message To: Silvermarmot   In reference to Message Id: 2317533

 New Dragon- Heating Questions?

not sure about this cfl light... its for plants? i wouldnt bother with it. they need a different spectrum and they may be to intense? i know some dragon breeds get problems from lights like that. i would trash that and the halogen... get a mercury vapor bulb like powersun ect. they will produce the heat you need and the proper uva uvb spectrum. 130 does seem very hot.... 120 would be ok at the VERY VERY hottest point... im sure we have sat out side on a beach at that temp. does it feel extreme with your hand??? if you need more heat use ceramic heat bulbs.... they last forever usually. unlike red bulbs"infared".

03/23/16  01:09pm


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  Message To: Milldabeast519   In reference to Message Id: 2317536

 New Dragon- Heating Questions?

The T5 HO is a good UVB UVA lamp...nice

The spot lamp you are using is a par 20? it usually is very intense and used as a spot lamp, that’s why your basking spot is so hot and the gradient drop off is so severe...
there are many coding #’s on the packaging ...SP = spot FL = flood... par is the measurement of the lamp face the higher the number the larger the face... PAR 40 being the largest
I suggest using a clamp lamp on the top...if you have to modify the enclosure cut the wood out and add hardware cloth to support the dome the clamp lamp comes with.

Install a Par38 90 watt halogen flood lamp...just a new version , longer lasting filament, residential flood lamp.
Home depot sells a 2 pack for 9.97...and clamp lamps with plastic sockets for 8.00
an aluminum dome with a 90 watt installed will project a 30 degree beam of light @ 12" and yield about 95F

You could also try it installed in the socket you have next to the T5 fixture. Use that temp gun to figure it out

I know your dimensions are taller but 18" so the temp will be can also buy 125 watt clear heat lamps at wal mart / tractor supply and horse tack feed shops for about 4.00 Typically called Chicken Brood heat lamps. They also sell 250 watt clear lamps. a lamp dimmer on a cord might be in the future as well

03/27/16  03:50pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2317598

 New Dragon- Heating Questions?

By the way the CFL offers a nice ambient light ...especially if it is a 5600k daylight spectrum.... but even 4100k is a nice cool white option...just need to change the par 20 spot lamp and tune it up

03/27/16  03:53pm

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