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EleanorK   Icearstorm  

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 Please Help!

My son’s beardie is appx 8 months old, according to the pet shop. He’s been ours for about 6 months. Yesterday, he started with some unusual behavior. He was lethargic, then suddenly jumped and ran all around his cage and did a complete flip. Then became very still again. He kept tilting his head at strange angles and opening his mouth. It almost seems like hes trying to curl into a ball. My son felt giving him a bath might make him feel better, as he loves his baths. Afterwards, he went very pale. Shortly, his color returned to normal. I checked on him throughout the night, and he seemed ok. He seemed lethargic all day today, now tonight, hes started flipping onto his back, belly up. He just flips over and stays there. We’re going to be calling the Vet in the a.m., but my son is just devestated...any info about what’s going on would be much appreciated. Temps seem fine and he’s eating. Thanks in advance.

03/08/16  09:14pm


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 Please Help!

I am no expert on bearded dragons, but you may want to search up adenovirus. It seems to be a frequent problem in beardies, and can stay dormant, by the sounds of it.

03/13/16  07:28am

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