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 Possible Gravid Juvenile

I recently adopted what I believed was a male juvenile beardie but now I am wondering if he happens to be a she and is possibly gravid. She/he is around 5-7 months old and was housed with multiple other beardies at the pet shop I adopted her/him from. I have had her/him for around 3 weeks and in the past 4-5 days she/he has not eaten anything but is gaining a lot of weight. For the most part the belly is soft other than a few places in which there are hard lumps that feel like the grains of rice that I have read different places that are characteristic of eggs. I am confused and worried and looking for advice.

02/25/16  08:50pm


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  Message To: WhitStan   In reference to Message Id: 2317217

 Possible Gravid Juvenile

It maybe infertile eggs although I’ve heard of beardies up to 10 months being gravid with infertile eggs

02/26/16  07:14pm


Saphiras mom
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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2317231

 Possible Gravid Juvenile

How big I she?

02/27/16  07:24am

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