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Beemis   Takahiro111  

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 Weird cricket issue

So I have this weird issue and I cant seem to find anyone else seeing this issue. i have 3 male bearded drags that were raised from babies. They are totally chill and calm. My 8 year old always has one of them playing. the problem is weird. I raised all of them on crickets until they were about 10 months. Then converted them to dubias which they love. I have a colony but it got a bit depleted as of late so I have ordered some over the last 2-3 months letting it build back up. There are no reasonably priced local sources for them.

about a month I ran out and my order was delayed because of freezing weather so i decided to go get some vita crickets from the local pet shop (same thing they were raised on). One of them gobbles them right up. the other two lost there damn minds and started glass surfing and tearing through their enclosures. The were acting like I had just thrown a pit viper in there. They would not settle down till i got every one of them out. I thought it was maybe that i gave them to many (although they have no problems with the roaches fed the same way). I tried just a couple and the same thing. Even tried feeding by hand which they both have no problems with and same thing. they wont even look at them.

So cut to this week I am in same boat and brought t home some crickets. Dusted them the same as I do the dubias, same reaction. I have many references to this but they are all in ref to young dragons. Mine are like 20 months now. They dwarf these puny things. Any one seen this or have some ideas? At this point I am guessing they are not going to all of a sudden start digging them again. Also they are not interested in mealworms, superworms, or waxworms. they just ignore them. I have not tried horned worms since we dont have a local supplier.

01/28/16  05:24pm


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  Message To: Beemis   In reference to Message Id: 2316775

 Weird cricket issue

Maybe they just don’t like them...I don’t blame them crickets are annoying, my larger lizards just crushs them but other bugs their okay. I took crickets out their diet and their fine.

01/28/16  08:10pm

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