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Dr. Detail PhD   Takahiro111  

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Dr. Detail PhD
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 Stressed out...

I recently had to move my bearded dragon out of his cage and put him in a new 40 gallon terrarium. His old cage was a 4 tear custom made and measured out the same as a 40 gallon. The cage took up to much space. My bearded dragon has a black beard and bobs his head all day every day now! He’s never done that to me or anyone other than another beardie. I’ve had him almost 10 years

01/17/16  11:04pm


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  Message To: Dr. Detail PhD   In reference to Message Id: 2316607

 Stressed out...

He must’ve felt more secure in the custom cage but the stress is due to moving. If he gets stressed to the point he’s acting highly unusual switch him back and see how he progress. Stress in reptiles can get them really sick making their immune system weak making it easier to get life threatening illnesses if not caught early. But for now leave him alone for a week and see how he does.....just monitor him.

01/20/16  12:51am

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