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 Bathroom habits

I have a beardie that is about a year old. We took him to the vet in August because he goes weeks without using the bathroom. He just went to the bathroom today and was the first time in almost two months since he has went. The vet told us in August none of the tests came back abnormal and he seemed to be a healthy beardie. He doesn’t seem to be too much more lethargic than normal and still eats normally. The only thing that has changed in his eating habits is that he doesn’t eat quite as many greens and veggies as he used to. Today when he went to the bathroom, I was in the middle of rubbing his belly in a warm bath. It was a large amount, but the urate was pretty much as hard as a rock. I don’t think this is normal, but I could be wrong. Wouldn’t it be painful if it were that hard? It was also the longest I have seen his urate. We feed him collard greens, Kale, butternut squash occasionallly, brocolli ocassionally, superworms and meal worms occasionally, and have recently started feeding him pheonix worms. We do dust his food with calcium pretty frequently, and mist his food and terrarium daily. His temperatures are set correctly and his UV light has just been replaced. What else can I do that may help regulate his bowel movements and maybe soften the urate if it is unhealthy to be that hard?

11/01/15  11:43am


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 Bathroom habits

OK I am just reading this today ... right away I want you to stop feeding broccoli and kale. I know they might like it but it is very bad for them and full of goitrogens and oxalates...I will post a chart for you. Broccoli is very hard to digest causes gas and difficulty.

If you look at the chart below ...feed STAPLE items and fruits with high water content to make bowel movements easier.
grapes ..cooked yams ... much like butternut squash...PUMPKIN will soften the stool. Watermelon and safe baby food from a jar. pick a veggie item and find the baby food that is just the same. very cheap at wal mart for a jar or too.

Need some more protein .. scrambled egg is a great treat ... cooked chicken breast diced up.

Also if you are feeding worms frequently they have a hard to digest EXOSKELETON... so back off on the worms and try something with a softer shell.

another thing ...It’s winter ... they will slow down and if mature enough they will want to Brumate ... sleep until Jan. - Mar.
All our adults are down for the winter... literally lights off and temps down to 65 F

Here’s the food chart

Beautiful Dragons

Good luck

11/12/15  08:42am

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