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Please Help.
My dragon was at the fly screen door and he must have squeezed through really quick cause he got outside. He was outside for only a few seconds but my two dogs were over him, they only sniffed and licked him he has no physical damage but I can imagine it would be quite a shock for my poor lizard who’s not had contact with them, They’re both big dogs so I don’t let them near him cause I don’t want them to hurt him. He was puffed up and his beard was black and now he’s very sluggish and cold and just sleeping on me. I know birds can die of shock if they have a large fright, can this happen to bearded dragons? He’s never had anything stressful like that happen to him! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

10/25/15  10:37pm


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So how is he today ???

I doubt they would die ... but he might be a bit traumatized for a few days... If he sees the dogs again he might even react adversely. Black beard ....hissing ... defensive posture

10/26/15  05:10pm

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