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We recently took on a 5-year-old beardie from a breeder who looks to be emaciated and now appears to have some breathing difficulty. She is going today for her first Vet visit, I am quite worried since I don’t think respiratory issues can be easily resolved if at all.

A little short history; she was bought for my 7-year-old son by a friend. My friend purchased the beardie from her friend who subsequently supplied us with a cage and some information. We have since researched feeding protocol and supplimentation as well as UVB lighting and so forth. We were told only to feed her crickets once a month and greens the rest of the time.

I don’t feel that being an omnivore means only eating meat once a month so we are feeding her twice a week as well as daily salads, Calcium vitamin mix as per petstore recommendation. She is a bit on the smaller side and her body looks underdeveloped. (no muscle on arms or legs- can see ribs as well as the hip bones) I’m hoping to acquire as much information as I can before the vet though I’m not sure how active this site is! Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

10/14/15  12:47pm


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First a link that has been in use forever by us in this sleepy forum

Beautiful dragons
Make sure you click the NUTRITION tab and see the food chart

The vet can dispense an antibiotic for RI... the best vets will actually take a culture and have it sent out to determine the best treatment ... many vets will simply prescribe Baytril... powerful with some side effects ... all antibiotics kill good gut flora ... so after it gets treated purchase some Bene bac and administer that to reestablish gut flora and promote appetite and digestion

bene bac

Our adult dragons love insects ..2-3 x a week I feed discoid roaches and or dubia.
Salads are daily affairs whether the dragons eat them entirely or not the roaches get the waste

Offer things like pumpkin puree or natural pumpkin for hydration.. also grapes and water melon ... any fruit that is juicy

Offer cooked chicken breast for protein and scrambled egg... get some weight on her ... syringe feed any vegetable item on the chart I listed the form of human baby food if you need to or desire... that is a great way to bond with the dragon too

Do you have the heat and UVB under control?? Do you know how to provide that adequately?

Happy to answer more questions anytime


10/16/15  12:32am

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