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 Please Help!! Pneumonia? !

Hi all, I have a really serious question. Can bearded dragons get pneumonia from getting water in their nose?? I give him baths, and now I tried to get him to swim. I put him in, then he went under water. (I don’t think it was on purpose) And now I’m really scared. And while he was floating, he was starting to go under, and I kept a real good eye on him. But then he went down all the way, practically sinking to the bottom. Of course I got him out right away, but he wasn’t even trying to get out. Just closing his eyes and sitting there. Practically drowning. He is right beside me, acting fine now, but I’m really worried that he might have pneumonia. My mom said that he might get it from getting water in his nose, and I also dropped him in (don’t think of me as an animal abuser, lol) to just see if he could swim, and he seems to be enjoying it, a couple of times, and one of the first times was when he went under. Of course, he was under there for about two seconds, but still more than when he didn’t seem to care, you know? So, like, he is lethargic. I mean ALWAYS sleepy, gosh he never seems to be awake!! (no, he is not dead). There he goes again, sleeping. Sigh, please help me?? And another question. I have a salt chlorine pool, can he swim in there?? We live in Florida. Its humid, but during the winter months, maybe we could heat it and he could get in? I don’t know if this matters but its three to seven feet. Help, please?? Answer both of my questions if you can, thanks. He is sitting on my leg, lol. Okay everybody. Should I take him to the vet?! Thanks!! Bye!


09/20/15  05:20pm


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 Please Help!! Pneumonia? !

Dragons dont normally swim like an Iguana does. The pool is a bad idea... a small pond during the warmer months maybe .. when we do this in the summer I use a cat litter box type container ...slightly larger
I only fill the water chest deep..and I place a rock or 2 in there so they can climb up and get out of the water.

Traditionally you are only supposed to fill elbow or chest deep... they can swim but in your case it might be dangerous based on your description. You need to make sure he doesnt go under and or has a platform to hold onto

09/24/15  10:45am

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