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 New Cages?

i have two beardies, male and female and until recently they were housed together. We moved the male to a bigger enclosure across the room. He is head bobbing and she is waving. Funny but does this stress them out or just a behavior? And how long should it take for them to adjust? I thought she would be happier but she didn’t eat this morning and has stayed on her cool side, Not like her at all!

05/29/12  07:39am


Lizard girl 4
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  Message To: Kelijp   In reference to Message Id: 2268028

 New Cages?

I know somebody that Never houses her beardies together but she has two the grew up together and if you separate them, they will sit in a corner and pout!

05/29/12  09:00am


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  Message To: Lizard girl 4   In reference to Message Id: 2268030

 New Cages?

they will get over it, it is normal what they are doing. mine did that all the time move them where they can see each other but they will get use to each other my friend charlie has alot and they can see each other they sometimes bob heads but they are use to seeing each other, it was a smart move separating them girl and boy lizard should live apart they really do not like cage mates.

05/29/12  09:14am

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