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 Goodbye Cid with-a-C

Wednesday morning I woke up, got ready like normal, gave my Lizard a kiss through the glass and went to school. I knew he had been refusing food and water, but hes an old man he does it occasionally so I wasn’t to worried.
When I came home I did my homework. When I finally went in my room he was on the ground of his cage with the most sunken eyes ever. he was so weak it was horrible.
He had a strange sense of humor, he loved to scare me and act dead/sick over the past two years so I gave him a bath, something that usually makes him feel better, but i knew this was not the normal.
i held him and kept him on a heating pad so he could be comfortable as a dieing lizard can be. I stayed up till 3 and when i woke up i thought he died and was out of his suffering, but a few hours later my sister told me he was breathing. I didn’t go to school i took care of him all day. three times i thought he died but nope he was my little trooper, fighting to stay with us
finally he died in his sleep last night

My Baby Cid (with a C not and S)

that was not the way I ever imaged he would die.

he has been in my family for 8 years and we got him when he was an adult so he lived a full life. first he was my brother Ryans.
when my bro went to boot camp two years ago i got the room and the critter inside. Ryan is coming home in two weeks from Afghanistan, he love him sooooo much. i loved him soooooooo much.
I am sorry for rambling i just needed to get it off my chest

He is finally free of his cage forever

04/27/12  02:24pm


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  Message To: ~αмαи∂α~   In reference to Message Id: 2264463

 Goodbye Cid with-a-C

I want to put up some pictures later today

04/27/12  02:25pm


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  Message To: ~αмαи∂α~   In reference to Message Id: 2264464

 Goodbye Cid with-a-C

Hi there! I am so sorry for this big loss, I am crying crocodile tears whilst reading this! You know it must happen some time, but you are never quite ready for it. One good thing that comes out of it is that you can get n new baby now..... Good luck, I know loosing a pet is painful. I read this little poem the other day, hope you like it:
‎​My Beloved Pet
I promise to love you
like I do my child
I promise to care for you
with a voice soft and mild
I promise to feed you
the best food I can get
With always fresh water
and a soft comfy bed
I promise we’ll play often
as much as you like
I’ll take you for walks
and vacations alike
If you get sick
I’ll take care of you well
I’ll feed you and clean you
until you are well
When you grow old
and you bones start to wane
I’ll keep you warm
and lessen your pain
And when the day comes
that our journey must end
you’ll always be remembered
as My Best Friend

04/27/12  03:03pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Jo1973   In reference to Message Id: 2264468

 Goodbye Cid with-a-C

I am so sorry for your loss.

Pictures would be a good tribute to Cid.


04/28/12  12:29am


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  Message To: Dragon Lover   In reference to Message Id: 2264527

 Goodbye Cid with-a-C

it sounds like he just wore out. dying of old age is a good way for a dragon to go. it doesn’t make it hurt any less, i know. he was lucky to have you.


04/28/12  08:25pm

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