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 Beardie eggs sweating on day 28

So my beardies finally blessed me with a fertile clutch of eggs. So far, all has been well with the eggs. I have them in an incubator where the temperature stays between 82f - 84f and the humidity is around 75% - 80% (I have to keep misting the inside of the incubator to maintain humidity even though I have water cups in there but I never mist the eggs themselves obviously. I mist the lining of paper towel I placed in the bottom of the incubator).

Today is day 29 for the eggs and last night one of them started sweating aready. This morning when I checked again, another also began sweating. I’m pretty sure it’s the eggs sweating anyway, because there’s no water accumulation on the lids of their containers or anywhere else so it’s not like the eggs are being dripped on. I know sweating is a sign of hatching but 28/29 days is way too soon? Should I be concerned? Should I dry the eggs off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

02/03/17  06:55am

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