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I just got a six week old beardie on Saturday, November 19. I tried to feed him some crickets, baby superworms, and a little salad that consists of collards and carrots(chopped very finely). He ate about two or three crickets and maybe four superworms, and very little of his salad. I knew he should eat way more than this but hence it was the first day I thought maybe they had already fed him that day, so I didn’t worry too much. The next day I tried again and he may have eaten one cricket, but now nothing else. This continued into two more days. It was Tuesday now, and I was having to force feed him crickets and superworms(babys of course), that day I left because we went to a movie, when we got back I went upstairs to check on him, he was lying near the front glass/window of his tank and he had pooed about three times. They were quite large poos and I could tell they weren’t normal, they had nothing but pieces of cricket and superworm. I now fix him a purée that consists of collards, crickets dried mealies, and superworms. I know it may be the stress of moving to a new home, I don’t think that that would last this long! It is Friday now and he still won’t eat. I have been trying to force feed a variety of whole, live crickets and his purée. I also try to always have a salad and some superworms in dishes in his tank just incase. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong and what I can do to fix it?

11/25/16  06:42am

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