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This post covers all of the past 2 days so read all before commeting

[B]Wednesday 1pm[/B]
One of my dragons acting weird, it scratches at my doors and walls when out and when in viv it is constantly digging the sand and when the area is bare and still just the wood it still tries to dig, i have also noticed that its more skittish with me. I presumed it was a male and when shows pics on here was also told it was a male, so could it be its a female and wants to lay eggs?, when i lift it i cannot feel anything different in stomach but saying that would not know what i am looking for anyway
here is video I took of it, I made a sand tub and put it in and it started digging, made no attempt to get out of tub which it could easily have done.

[B]Wednesday 2.12pm[/B]
Its now dug a small cave

[B]Wednesday 5pm[/B]
for 4 hours it was out roaming my flat again and 2 hours ago put it back into tub and this is what its doing

[B]Wednesday 6pm[/B]

[B]Wednesday Midnight[/B]
She has laid eggs

[B]Thursday 1.37am[/B]
she is now burying them

[B]Thursday 2pm[/B]
she laid 17 of them, 16 were sqishy to the touch like they were a ballon with water and 1 was solid like an egg should be. I have popped two in an incubator and see what happens

[B]History of them[/B]
I rescued these two 3 months ago and was told they were male and even posted on various facebook groupd and everyone said they were male. Anyway the hated being locked up and went psyco until the glass was opened and then they could come out and explore my hallway and then go back and bask when they wanted, they got into a routine of bask, explore, bask etc..
Both got on well together when wandering about
A month ago one started glass surfing
It started to do this more and more and was told its normal so not to worry
A week ago it started scratching the bottom of the viv and trying to climb the wall, when out it was trying to climb the door to my room.
At the weekend there the scraching/digging got worse and noticed it was becoming very skittish and did not want to be caught!
On Tuesday got some sand/soil and put it in a tub as after reading websites it suggested it was a female wanting to lay eggs.
I put it in the tub on Wednesday morning and it digged a little then got out and wandered about, I put it back in at 2pm and thats where story continues above.
I never knew this was a female so all of this is a complete shock and surprise.

08/18/16  08:54am

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