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 Incubator Question

So, I’m using a still air incubator for my eggs and i actually lost 2 to mold. I was wondering if I could somehow rig a tiny fan like a computer fan, inside the incubator to create a soft draft, would that help with keeping mold from forming. They also are in containers with holes in the lids so idk if it would even make a difference. Thanks ☺️

02/12/16  03:31pm


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 Incubator Question

fans have a tendency to dry out the air / substrate...I only use the still air models.

Mold and fungus is usually from you or possibly too moist a condition...wash hands each time before and after.
eggs going bad .... You can use an anti fungal foot powder in the sterile hatch medium... you can also wipe a light dusting on the egg. You can separate the bad egg/s from the good ones into another container, in the same incubator...if you have room.

I used to add the 5 pattern dice holes to my lids ... but I switched to just placing the solid lid on at a diagonal and thus leaving the corners open slightly.

I mix vermiculite with water 2 parts water 1 part vermiculite 2:1 by weight using a gram scale. I tried 1:1 and I lost too many eggs it was too dry and the eggs shriveled...

03/07/16  07:48am

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