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 Bearded dragon egg concern

My bearded layed 25 eggs her first couch,I have them in vermiculite In a exo terra incubator. Temp avg 82 degrees but humidity keeps saying 99% on both digital thermometers In the containers they are in. There is no water in the bottom of the incubator. On the 3 rd thermometer it reads 70% humidity outside of the containers. Temp says 80 degrees. 20 of the eggs are chalk white and are growing. 5 of the eggs I have concerns about- 1 is chalk white but looks like it has a little mold on it Is this a concern? Or should I leave it be till term? 2 are oozing so I figured those are bad. 2 others are yellow just wondering if those are bad? She layed them 14 days ago. Just wondering if my humidity is to high? I don’t want to lose anymore eggs. Any help would be appreciated.

02/05/16  05:28pm


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 Bearded dragon egg concern

Is the vermiculite moist? traditionally we mix the vermic and the water first it in the container add the eggs. The lid of the container can have a 5 pattern holes or just 2 some just leave the lid at a slight diagonal. The trick is to have just the right amount of humidity...not too wet ( dripping) and not to dry ( eggs collapse)

Separate the ugly and moldy eggs into a separate container...keep the top on too and make sure you don’t turn them upside down or sideways. I always mark the top of the egg with a marker...just a dot. So they stay oriented.

Gently wipe mold off with a dry piece of toilet paper
if the lid is dripping water on to the eggs or vermic...there is too much humidity and you can remove the lid partially to dry out for 12 -24 hrs.
Do not let moisture drip on the eggs! If you ever need to add moisture do it on the edges of the container.

Originally the vermic should be mixed so it balls together but is never dripping wet and crumbles easily but still forms a ball.

If the eggs are still half way decent keep them going and try to remedy the issues... you might loose a few but you never know
if the are sweating you might be close to hatching??

02/11/16  10:20pm

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