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 Female Bearded Dragon -- Strange Breeding Behavior

Hello everyone. I am currently trying to breed my older male bearded dragon with a new female. I introduced them slowly and there were no complications. They seemed comfortable around each other and took time investigating each other before starting the courtship. However, things have gotten a bit complicated now that they are ready to breed. The male bobs his head like normal and the female waves her arm in acceptance. But whenever my male tries to approach her to mount her, she suddenly stops waving her arms and tries to bite him. My male does not seem at all concerned by this but I always separated them as soon as she begins to puff out her beard or open her mouth because I’m afraid she could really hurt him. Is this normal? Will she let him mount her? Should I let things play out or could my male be seriously hurt? My male has been bred before with a much more submissive female that never showed any aggression so I’m not entirely sure how to deal with this new female’s behavior.

01/23/16  02:44pm

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