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 39 Days into Incubation: Eggs have "snowflake" design on them.

I have a clutch of BD eggs in incubation right now and they’re about 39 days in. Temps 84.5 and Humidity is somewhere around 70-80% at all times. The eggs are perfectly white in color and good in size. The veins are easily seen when candling. They were delivered and are currently set in vermiculite. All has been well with them, no molding or anything concerning. However, today upon examination of the eggs, there appears to be "snowflake" designs appearing on the eggs. The weather has changed, decreasing dramatically, in our area lately but it seems that the temp and humidity in the incubator seem to stay consistent in the ranges given earlier. I’m curious as to why these snowflake designs have began to appear and if it’s anything I need to be concerned about. Are the eggs at any risk?

01/17/16  04:19pm

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