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 77 days of Incubation

Hi there, this is my first run of bearded dragon breeding of the many to come. My eggs are 77 days old today and Still haven’t hatched. 1 dented last week, and hasnt turned yellow or molded and still looks very healthy. Another just dented last night and is looking good. None of my eggs are yellow or molded those where gone a long time ago. I have incubated them at 84 degrees and was hoping for hatchlings sooner then this. I’ve read they can go up to 100 days. I am new to this page and am going to try and figure out how to post pictures. Please help

08/11/15  08:34pm


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 77 days of Incubation

When the eggs dent... and start to sweat they are very close to hatching. 77 days is a long time at 84F

Are you sure they are fertile? And the female was with a male?

Females can and will lay eggs without a male present...but they wont be fertile.

To load a photo go to any free photo hosting site. Create an account ...create an album... copy and paste the IMG code in this message box and then click PREVIEW. ( preview this message ) If all went well the image will show.



or print screen (lightshot)

Light Shot
Lightshot allows you to capture an image on your screen and using the cloud icon it creates a hyper link ...paste the hyper link in the message

08/18/15  09:10am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2314605

 77 days of Incubation

All your baby dragons look great and to have all of them hatch your first go at it is very good. It shows you took very good care of them as eggs...

08/28/15  01:16pm

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