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 In need of help

I have a gravid female that is too small. She seems to be doing fine so far we know there are at least 9 eggs. Is there anything that will help her lay the eggs easily. I’m afraid she will not be able to. She is only about 15 to 16 in long and no more than 8 months.

01/25/15  05:48pm


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 In need of help

Make sure she gets extra calcium without D3

Make a solution of calcium with water and honey so you can syringe feed it to her. Excess regular calcium will be passed with her stool and not cause health issues. Calcium with D3 will not pass ad possibly build up to toxic levels.

She will need the extra calcium to shell her eggs properly and not rob her body of her calcium stores.
You can get a plastic syringe feeding device in the infant section of any TARGET or WALMART / WALGREENS for 1.99
If you ask the pharmacy they might give you 1 for free.

Keep the dragon warm and offer her a container with soil / dirt to dig in... she may dig for days until she is ready to lay

Once she has passed her eggs you can freeze them and dispose of them ...or you can open them up and feed them to her as a protein shake or drizzled over her food items.

02/23/15  10:38am

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