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Mikas reptiles   Reptile Observer  

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Mikas reptiles
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 Dose my lizard have MBD

my beardie is in a terrarium that I built with my dad its really nice and I know she like it better then her old one when we put her in it about 6 months ago we switched the UVB out for the new one but I thank we may need to switch it to a 10.0 instead of the 5.0. She is having problems moving and her legs are swollen from the elbow down she doesn’t move them away when you touch or apply pressure and she doesn’t like to move and she used to eat really good but now she only eats if I hand feed her. and same go’s for the for eating salad is there any thing I can do to get her to eat or to fix her legs and is there any possibility that she doesn’t have the MBD. oh and when she dose move she just slides around and doesn’t pick her self up.

07/29/14  01:24am


Reptile Observer
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  Message To: Mikas reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2308072

 Dose my lizard have MBD

Looks like it sadly....MBD can be deadly....I’ve had lizards die from it but make sure you beardie has good calcium and drinks good.....if your lizard starts shaking when help contact a vet or put down you lizard.... Its a hard thing to go though but if you need anything tell me and I’ll answer please keep me updated :-

08/20/14  07:41am

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