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I am new so will start of by saying hello I have 3 adult bearded dragons 2 males and 1 female. And about 36 eggs from three different clutches. The eggs are doing great but the first clutch has now reached 118 days with no sign of hatching the humidity is between 80-90 and the temperature is set for 82-85 I’m now starting to believe they are dying as 2-3 of them are no longer moving. Is there anything that I can do as the second clutch are now at 100 days and finding it quite distressing thank you in advance for and words of wisdom

07/27/14  01:39pm


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as long as the eggs are white plump and look healthy they should be ok do Not candle them at this point in time cause it can cause the embryo to tear lose from the side wall and die also make sure you have high enough humidy that the shells are leathery for them to break out of the shell. If the eggs begin to darken then I would start to think they’re not good but usually they would have gone bad before this point

01/04/15  11:00pm

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