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Nikkivikki   Dragon Lover  

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 Is she Gravid??

I have 2 bearded dragons and I caught them mating on January 17. Since then I noticed she has been eating a lot and putting on weight really fast. She put on 18 grams in 3 days. I have made her a lay box just in case. I have also separated them since catching them. She also puffs up if I go near her belly. But during bath time I think I might have. She is on reptile carpet and poops regularly. Any advice will always be appreciated.

01/30/14  10:52am


Dragon Lover
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 Is she Gravid??


It is very possible that she might be gravid. The only way to know is to wait and see if she will lay eggs for you. Sometimes you can feel them, marble like, on the sides of the belly. Be very careful because it has been known that some have squeezed too hard and ruptured the eggs inside the female which can cause major problems, even death.

Are you aware that she can store sperm and lay eggs every month for up to a year?

How old is she and how much does she weigh?

Up her calcium, no D3, to daily dustings.


02/02/14  01:46am

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