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 Breeding questions??help??

Hello everyone I’m relatively new to the beardie breeding world and I have many questions.
I have two bearded dragons one is male and one is female I have had the male for two and a half years and I got him from a local pet store, the female I got from a friend she is two years old. They are both in separate tanks. I had them out one time and, not thinking, I left the room to get my phone when I came back and they were breeding I never got any eggs and that was for the best because I was utterly unprepared. but it got me thinking how cool it would be if I did breed them so here I am.
Now for my questions, is two and a half to young to breed, what kind of incubator should I get, how do I get my female to lay meaning do I put something in the tank for her to lay in, do I need to put either of them on a special diet before or after breeding, what and or where should I breed them?
anything else you think i’ll need to know please tell me.

11/23/13  07:04pm


Dragon Lover
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 Breeding questions??help??


Sorry it’s taken so long for someone to answer. I see that you found the "Breeding 101" thread.

After reading that, are there any other questions you might have?


02/02/14  01:48am

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