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My husband and I have had these two bearded dragons Ed (Bighead) and Lrrr (Ruler of Planet Omicron Persei 8) for a little over three years now, thought they were both boys and they had grown up in the same enclosure from the people we got them from. Well come to find out Ed is a girl! Needless to say we were not ready for this clutch. We rushed to get everything ready since she decided to lay the first egg right when all the stores were starting to close. It took about a week for an incubator to come in to our local reptile store but we had all three in vermiculite with a heat lamp. The temp was kept at around 80 and humidity at around at least 70. With the incubator it’s been 84-86 and humidity around 82. The last two didn’t end up making it, but the first one was still going strong. The shell collapsed on Saturday (October 12) which was day 78 of incubation. I’ve read we should expect to see a little head popping out within 24 hours of that, but we have yet to see anything and I can’t find any information as to why that is. We’ve really been pulling for him to make since he was laid right after we found our chinese water dragon dead when we came home from vacation (pretty sure our roommates neglected to take care of all of our pets and he was too small and couldn’t handle it). Is this time normal for some and I’m just being overly paranoid, or could something be wrong?

10/08/13  08:54pm

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