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 Help with my little Tilley!!

My girl (Tilley) has been gravid for 5-6 weeks, she was a rescue from our friends who carefully looked after her until she was able to be re-homed. Me and my partner ensure she is fed well and bathed once a week or so. She has not shown any signs of ready to lay, we have put a container with some compost which is moist in her viv but she hasn’t touched this yet. As she is a rescue I’m worried she is still in survival mode, she eats very very well but no real signs of laying. We have organised the eggs to be incubated from our friends who own a reptile shop to ensure they are looked after well.

She started to dig a week or so ago for about ten minutes then stopped completley. she does share her viv with Mylo- could this be the reason why she wont lay? she is also let out of her viv to roam around in our room to stretch her legs, I have tried removing their logs etc but nothing!
We are planning to buy a new viv next week anyway, and have had to turn down the heat slightly to stop Mylo from trying to mate with her. She is given calcium in power form which is sprinkled on her food once every two days I’ve searched everywhere for advice.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know we are very greatful

07/13/13  08:42am

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