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 Is my beardie full of eggs?

I have never posted on anything like this before because i can usually find the info my self but my female has been acting weird lately when i sprits her with moisture. plus her appetite has spiked up and im worried she might be full of eggs. She socializes with our male but always under strict supervision cuz they both want to mate an she isnt old enuf and we dont have the money time or necessary product. She has gotten plumper and now when i spray her with water she moves around a lot after i stop and wiggles her back legs and just acts oddly. plus i never thought females would want to mate as much as she seems to because she is always head bobbing to our male and trying to get to him she gets in her "frisky moods" and brightens up and trys to get to him. So if im just being a silly overprotective mommy owner just let me know but i was curious if she needs to go to a vet. Thanks in advance for any help.

05/17/13  08:32pm

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