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 Bearded Dragon Horny?

So my male bearded dragon has been going after one of our slippers and starts to bite it and literally just goes all out on it and shakes his body and just basically straight out looks like he is humping it.
I even caught him with his thingie out one day.

I do also have a female bearded dragon and had them both out and the male will go after her and will bite down on her and start shaking and I had to pry his mouth open to have him let go.

I don’t mind if they want to mate but the female acts like she just is not interested but whenever I let the male mate with her since he obviously wants to it looks like he is hurting the female so I have to separate them.

What should I do? The male is obviously really horny cause he just goes to town with that slipper... I don’t get it! Please help!

12/10/12  03:37pm


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  Message To: Kitten1041214   In reference to Message Id: 2287414

 Bearded Dragon Horny?

How much larger is he than the female, Has he mated with her.

12/15/12  03:15pm


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  Message To: Nick(uromastyxman)   In reference to Message Id: 2287658

 Bearded Dragon Horny?

Complete opposite of my males they are not interested in my female what-so-ever, and i really want babies! Mating beardies can be aggressive but even though it may seem like he is hurting her he isn’t unless however he has ahold of one of her legs. Mr. Nubbs (hence his name) got attacked by one of my females and got his leg amputated. (This was not a breeding its just that my dragons hate eachother)

12/25/12  01:55pm


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  Message To: AnoleQueeeeen   In reference to Message Id: 2288258

 Bearded Dragon Horny?

Sorry for the late response.
Um well they haven’t mated, at least I haven’t allowed it cause when I watch them together the male attacks her and grabs a hold of her neck and seems to be hurting her. He will bite her and she doesn’t want anything to do with it so she runs away and I end up having to separate them and sometimes have to pry the males mouth open to have him let go of the female.
I’m just not sure this is normal behavior of mating and maybe they just hate each other? Or at least the male hates the female cause his beard goes all black when she is near and he bobs like crazy and will run after her with his mouth open ready to bite her. Hes got some attitude...

01/09/13  05:49pm


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  Message To: Kitten1041214   In reference to Message Id: 2289229

 Bearded Dragon Horny?

um that just means hes trying to hold her that how he can breed her it does look agresive but its okay but if u dont want babies dont let them breed

07/18/13  04:54pm


Dragon Lover
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  Message To: Booahah   In reference to Message Id: 2299659

 Bearded Dragon Horny?

Ok before you let him breed with her. HOw old is she? She needs to be at least 18 months old and over 350 grams. If she is younger it could really hurt her by placing the calcium intended for her little body into eggs. Breeding is not always safe and there are instances when males have killed the females and where females have killed the male.

Remember that once you allow him to breed her, she could lay eggs once a month for up to a year from just one time breeding.

Make sure you are ready for at least 20 eggs or more a the many babies, set ups (where you are to house only three to five babies per tank), crickets, lights will you need. Then comes the questions, you cannot find them homes until they are at least six weeks old and six inches long, and have gone through at least their first shed.....what will you do with all those dragons. Also, you need a hospital tank for any emergencies. If bred too quickly/young, what if you get gimpy babies....babies no one else wants.

Lots to think about.......if it’s what you want and you have the time to take care of all these babies and the money to feed them all three times a day.......make sure you purchase your incubator now and start doing your research. If it’s not what you want and not ready for it all, get him a small stuffed animal. He will be fine with just that.


07/19/13  06:02pm

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