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 Rescuing a 3yo

Ok so here is the deal i went and picked up a 3yo beardie on wednesday the girl said her friend just dropped him at her house and said here find it a home. Sad to say he was not well taken care of. He is about 3yo(thats what the girl said) and he was being kept in a tiny 10gal tank. His only source of he was a regular 75watt house light bulb and a human heating pad they had removed the cloth cover from and buried in his sand. The sand looked was from outside with lots of large rocks and such in it. The "water dish" he had was actually a shallow food dish that took up half is tank.

All that being said, i knew he was gonna need some tlc. I went and got hom proper lighting and bedding and moved him to a 55gal tank. I have everything i neex as far as food and supplements go because i own a water dragon already. I have owned other lizards but never a beardie so this is new to me. I did my researcandh and im confident that im ready to rehab this guy.

Here is my one major question. The pet store doest really have any good decor as far as things for him to climb on to bask so i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on building a basking platform. Im on limited funds for a few weeks and id like to get him something more sutable asap if anyone has any fairly cheap diy tips for such a project it would be so very helpful.

Thanks guy!

11/30/12  12:12pm


Lizard girl 4
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 Rescuing a 3yo

Poor little guy! Here is a link to some fake rock walls that somebody on the leopard gecko forum made:


They posted a link to directions on how to make them. also has directions on how to make them, and they have a great food chart for beardies.  

11/30/12  02:25pm

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