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Lauradragon   Cphill58  

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 Eggs sweating too early????

Hi, I had first clutch laid on Sep 1 and second exactly three weeks later. Temps have remained at 83-85 with humidity stuck at 88 on both. The past two days, the eggs have been sweating, the first clutch more than the second. What is going on??????

10/20/12  06:00pm


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  Message To: Lauradragon   In reference to Message Id: 2283386

 Eggs sweating too early????

Are you ventilating the egg container at all?
2 holes ( one on each end is all you need ...) about the size of a small straw ...not in the lid ...but the container itself above the soil / substrate line

Are you getting condensation on the lid ? If so it is acting like a terrarium and raining on the eggs...88% humidity is a bit high do you measure that ? I would crack the lid and place it diagonally ever so little to allow some moisture to escape. get the humidity down to 75-80%

10/27/12  08:03pm

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